Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Flowers

Miracles are all around us; if we slow down and pay attention, we will see them everywhere.

Hi friends,

Happy Monday.   My tablescape  this week is simple and I am inviting spring to come along.


I have used my yellow plates and the salad plates with butterflies, birds, dragonflies and flowers.  I am trying to hurry spring along a bit.


IMG_5179.JPGI have enjoyed these blue hydrangeas and yellow vintage buttons on my table all week.


These plates are by Royal Doulton.  The salad plates are called Exotic Garden.


The flatware and crystal is about 40 years old.



Mother left me this beautiful pitcher.




These little bowls match the plates perfectly.


Lord, I never want to take your miraculous works for granted.  Help me see the holiness of the ordinary in each day.

Thank you friends for your visit today.


8 thoughts on “Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Flowers

  1. That flatware AND crystal are in exceptionally fine form for being 40! My goodness! The “Exotic Garden” plates are such a pretty nod to the summertime months on the near horizon! I’m with you about hurrying a season along, but we here in the Kansas City area have yet to see Spring! This has been a WEIRD weather year! We still have the furnace running!!! I hope we don’t jump right from this into the sticky, hot, suffocating summer temps!🙁 Enjoyed seeing your beautiful creation! Have a safe and wonderful week!!!

    1. Thank you sweet friend. Thank you for your sweet comments. I have lost plants in my garden. Hope you are still recovering nicely. Think of you often with all those plates and screws in your back. You are one tough gal. LU

  2. So lovely, Dianne. Your china is gorgeous and so is your crystal and flatware. The different design on each salad plate is beautiful. What a pretty pitcher for your flower centerpiece. I love the greenery around the pitcher. Lovely nod to spring. Hope it hurries up for you.

    1. Thank you Bonnie. I bought four each of these salad plates so I could use them separately or for a larger group. Will be using them a lot. Blessings.

  3. Dianne, what a beautiful spring table! The china, crystal, and flatware are stunning. The Exotic Garden salad plates are gorgeous. Your Mother’s pitcher makes a beautiful centerpiece filled with blooms! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I really did love these salad plates. Christmas present to me from me. Every once in a while something has our name on it. Thank you wonderful friend.

  5. Oh, me……Dianne, all features in the table so adorable! Love blue and yellow combination. Those salad plates are Too Happy! And we know well the strength of the Dragonfly……..a special story! Love, love the small footed bowls also. Much to be said for your talent and treasures that makes for a beautiful day.

  6. Thank you dear friend. The yellow and blue so happy together. I am trying to dry the hydrangeas to go with my antique hydrangeas. Your friendship is a blessing.

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