Our Asian Influence and Friend Influence

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

Hi Friends,

It is very cold again here this morning with a “freeze warning” in effect.  My iris and other perennials are budding,  including my peonies.   I am like a policeman every day out assessing the situation.  I have very little to share from my garden so I am heading in another direction.

In my younger years, I had an affinity for some of the Asian pieces that were often offered in stores like Rich’s of Atlanta or Lord and Taylor. Bob and I have a few pieces we like a lot.  The Chinaman has a story very close to my heart.  I have used these pieces in my tablescape.


Large Chinese cloisonne vase filled with flowers that compliment this special vase.  I expect to make a pasta dish with pork, mushrooms and other special ingredients.  Publix was offering samples and Bob and I both loved the mix of flavors.


A pair of candlesticks go well with these pieces.



Very delicate workmanship creates a piece to be enjoyed for many years. 


I have used my everyday china and pasta bowls to go with this setting.  Most of the time these jars set on top of a chest in the bedroom.


The ewer pitcher is a companion piece to the vase.


Oh, how I love the old Chinaman with his Chinese goose.  My friend, Brenda Bridges left this for me about forty years ago.  Brenda battled breast cancer for 10 years.  During that period of time, Brenda and I spent lots of time together.  We made a trip to Atlanta during this time.  She wanted my assistance in choosing an item she was looking for.  While on this trip, she bought this Chinaman and,  of course, I insisted she buy it.  It was one of those pieces locked in a glass encasement.  



The lace tablecloth adds a sense of elegance to an informal table.


Brenda lived fully knowing her time was short.  She shared her unwavering faith with me.   She was one of the bravest, most generous people I have ever known.  A few weeks after her passing, her Mother called and said she and her husband would like to come over.  They delivered the Chinaman with a note from Brenda telling me she loved me and she hoped I would have a wonderful life.     I guess that probably tells you something about this special person.  The Chinaman has had a special place in my home since that day.  

Friends, you are important in my life.  God certainly knew what He was doing in giving us people to support us and love us during difficult times and also our happier moments. I thank you for indulging me as I told the Brenda and Chinaman story.  







4 thoughts on “Our Asian Influence and Friend Influence

  1. Friend of Mine, thank you for sharing this very special collection of art with us. Though they were not purchased as a set of matching pieces, they certainly compliment each other. Colors are just magnificent! Dianne, a beautiful, beautiful way you chose to honor Brenda, our dear friend. I can just see her smile and hear her voice as she had that “only her” way in expressing her feelings about her beliefs. She certainly could put it in perspective. My life has been made better just by knowing her as a friend. She was a “Keep On Keeping On” kind of a lady. Forever Memories.

    1. Connie, what wonderful times we had with Brenda and what an impact she had…forever in our hearts. I think I have a renewed appreciation of these pieces in writing about them and understanding the craftsmanship that goes into creating these. I also think about our dinners out with Rita, Nancy, Shirley, you, me, and Brenda. It is amazing how all our lives are intertwined. What a blessing to remember! Much love dear friend.

  2. Dianne, what a precious story about your friend, Brenda and the Chinaman! The Oriental pieces are stunning and they look so elegant on the lace cloth. I love that your tablescapes often have a sweet story and memory. The pasta dish sounds amazing. Have a joy-filled week!

    P.S. We have a frost advisory for in the morning!

  3. Thank you precious friend. I feel I grew in appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into creating these pieces by using them in this way. I owe so much to my beloved friends and family. God has always put special people in my path to help me on this journey. That would include you whose love of God, family and beauty is a constant joy to me.

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