I believe Spring has arrived!

Hi Friends:

Two weeks ago Bob and I drove to Gainesville, Georgia, for a Regatta.  I took these first four photos on our way.  We just about froze with temps in low 40’s and wind blowing on Lake Lanier.  But ……it is looking a whole lot more like Spring here.  I am sharing some photos of my flowers in bloom and some of the places I visit often.  I go to the stables with Maddie for her riding lessons.  I do so to help my daughter but it is wonderful therapy for me.





Spring flowers blooming………







I love how beautiful the forsyth looks behind this trimmed hedge.



My helleborus are amazing.  I have five of these.  They start blooming in mid winter and will bloom for a long time.


Beautiful color overflowing behind my fence.


This is such an interesting botanical that I transplanted from Mothers.  I have no idea what it is called.  I always cover it with pine straw during the winter months trying to protect it.  It is one of my first bloomers. She made sure I took it while she was still living at home.  Very, very special to me!


Bob has our lawn looking fabulous.  He is the standard bearer for our community.


Our weeping cherry …..we lost its mate.  Love it and so do the birds.  They are building a nest in it.


This building in North Asheville captured my attention while I was at Barry’s house.  I could imagine refurbishing this and making a wonderful “She Shed”.  I love it just the way it is however.


We have arrived at the stables!





I believe she is a “horse whisperer”.  These horses look so calm around her.  Her instructor calls her “a natural” around the horses.  She loves the grooming, feeding and work at the barn as much as the riding.



These pictures reflect a lot of my lifestyle every week.  This is Lake Julian.  Sometimes I don’t believe I am grateful enough to see these scenes every week.  



This is Ella and Maddie.  They met at the stables.  Her Dad told me that Ella said to him: “I am going to make that girl my friend!” Did she ever!  I will wait after the lesson just so they can play. I want the world to be more like Ella and Maddie. 

I want to be more like Jesus.  “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  “Love one another.”  It is  huge in the list of commands that Jesus provided for us so we might enjoy the abundant life He has planned for us.  Praise be to God.



6 thoughts on “I believe Spring has arrived!

  1. Sigh! The beauty of it all!!! Since menopause effectively wiped out my Springtime allergies, I can fully appreciate the wonder of nature. Hallelujah!!! When I saw that little red structure, I thought the very same thing as you…SHE SHED!!!! Our HOA prohibits outbuildings of any sort. Bummer! I would have a She Shed that would require tear gas to get me out of there!!!

  2. Thank you precious friend. My neighborhood prohibits them also. I can dream though. I am still reeling over your Mother’s birthday party. Have gone back and looked at all of it. Hope your back survived all that work. A birthday for all time..I know she and your guests were thrilled.

  3. Dianne, what beautiful spring photos that you have captured. I love your weeping cherry and hellebores. How special that your transplanted the unnamed plant from you precious Mother’s home. My favorite photo is of Maddie with the horse, how beautiful. The photo of Maddie and her friend Ella is so sweet. Thanks for sharing dear friend!

  4. Pam, you can just imagine the unbridled joy I get watching Maddie and being in these surroundings. I am so excited about gardening. Trying to make a plan for some new plants.

    1. Thank you for checking in today. I count it a huge blessing to get to help raise Maddie and Davis. Love you.

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