Happy Birthday Dora

IMG_4930.JPGDora, I’ve been talking about you a lot with the Lord, there was so much I wanted to say.  I told Him how thoughtful and helpful you are, how I treasure you more every day…

I tried to describe how just having you there can make things more special and fun.  I said how loyal you are to your friends, and I thanked Him for making me one.

And I told Him how much I keep learning from you, how your faith is inspiring to see, Then I asked Him if He’d let you know how I feel, and He said you should hear it from me.

Hi Friends,

My sister-in-law, Dora, is celebrating her birthday today. 



This is my beautiful sister, Dora. Yes, I dropped the in-law part because she is more like my sister.  She has a radiant beauty that helps describe who she is.  It radiates from the inside.  Dora is probably overall the most talented person I have ever known personally.  She began her work as a nurse and built a huge business by staffing places like hospitals, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities with nursing staff when the need arose.  She has such business expertise.

She could just have easily been a home builder, an interior decorator, you name it!  Her homes are so beautifully appointed and her decorating looks like House Beautiful.  She is an avid gardener.

For Christmas about four years ago, she copied and made me a book of all her favorite recipes.  Dora can COOK!  It is more like a manual. It is one of the most special gifts I have ever received.


Dora is married to my sweet brother, Gordon.  They are in Florida this week with family which includes five grandchildren that she adores.

Dora is active in her church and does many wonderful things for the elderly.  She is the Faith Community Nurse there.  


This is Dora on the Sky Wheel at Myrtle Beach.  She likes adventure and she likes to travel.   Every year she and Gordon spend January and February in warmer climates and usually work in a cruise.


Here they are with Peyton when she was just a baby.


I have not covered one iota of the talent possessed by this beautiful person. She is a Masterpiece and we know what that means.    In a world full of trends, she remains a classic. She was so good to my Mother and Dad and I am forever grateful, Dora.  Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways.  Thank you for encouraging me to keep my blog going. God has blessed me with your friendship.  Thank you and a very Happy Birthday!

Thanks friends for joining me today.



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