Special Gifts and Purchases this Year

Hi Friends,


This March I am celebrating my first year of blogging. As this has been my first year of blogging, I wanted to look back at the gifts and purchases that has helped me organize my tablescapes and other seasonal decorating.  I hope you will indulge me this little trip.   I knew I would need (want is a better word) to add a few things and most everything new was gifted to me.  

15, 16 0r 17 Top Things


This entire set of plates was a gift from Connie.  I have showcased two of these fabulous plates.  They are Williams Sonoma and I was like a child at Christmas when she delivered them.  I have used them in several tablescapes.


Besides the hummingbird and butterfly, there is a rabbit and another bird.


Jenn gave me this beautiful book and candle from Anthropologie for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t finished this book but I look through it occasionally to make sure I am living the life God has designed for me and that means making choices and having to say no to some things.  This is an outstanding book and it has helped me to let go of things and embrace more joy in the people and things I love.The candle is so beautiful.  I take the lid off and savor its fragrance.  


I bought these cushions for my back porch furniture at HomeGoods.  They are navy/white and are reversible.  They are European cushions so I can use all kinds of throw pillows with them.  Right now they need  A GOOD CLEANING.



I bought this wonderful vase at B. B. Barnes.  I have used it in lots of ways and in many places.


Used it also for my Valentine’s table.


I had a space in my garden where we had to take down a Douglas fir that was dying.  It worked beautifully for this spot…my Cindrella arbor from HomeGoods. 



I got this little wagon from Marshalls.  I had a wonderful goat cart for years but Bob and I did not think we could bring it back to life after years of weather.  This seemed like a sweet alternative to hold my pumpkins and Christmas goodies.  Perfect and less than $60.



Bought these plates from HomeGoods.  Just love them!  For my birthday in September, Bob gave me gift cards from Pier I and HomeGoods.  In reality, these are gifts from Bob.


These great urns are from Jenn.  She used them for years and then gave them to me.  Yeah!!! There are a few other things on her porch I hope she gets tired of…….


I bought this guy.  I have never decorated a lot for Halloween but he caught my eye….wearing a tuxedo with tails, bowtie,  dress shoes, and not scary at all.  I decided he needed to be with me instead of Tuesday Morning.


Bob surprised me with this truck around Thanksgiving.  I used it in a fall blog…could not wait until Christmas so I added pumpkins and fall decorations to the bed of the truck.


Oh, my, do I have a love affair with these little footed cups…perfect for a cup of hot tea and a macaroon. Got these at  HomeGoods in another town.


I have beautiful turkey platters but never had turkey plates.  These had my name written all over them.  HomeGoods with my birthday card.


Bought these two throw pillows and skates for our bed.  Matched my throw perfectly.


Purchased these artificial greenery place mats at Pier I with my gift card along with the plates.


Connie found these plates at WalMart and called immediately to see how many I wanted…another gift to me.  Better Homes has created some very beautiful plates.


These bowls are Fitz and Floyd.  Got these in Greensboro on a trip Jenn and I made.  Love them!


This throw was a gift from Connie.  I cannot tell you how plush and soft it is and the colors were perfect on my sofa.  Just Beautiful!


This book and pitcher round out the list.  Connie gave me this wonderful book to celebrate my blogging anniversary.  I so appreciate the joy these special things bring in A Place I Call Home.







4 thoughts on “Special Gifts and Purchases this Year

  1. Dianne, you have amassed a great collection over the past year! I am amazed that I have some of the same things. I purchased the WS plates last year before Easter and I have loved them. I have the Anthro candle in its pretty vase, my scent is honeysuckle. I also have the woody plates from BHG. WE HAVE MUCH IN COMMON SWEET FRIEND!

  2. Yes we do wonderful friend. I cherish most our love for the Lord. It has amazed me just how much we do have in common. I admire you greatly and your work is superb. God Bless.

  3. You and I have dangerously similar taste!!! I see several items here that we have in common. What I DON’T have but wish I did is that fabulous arbor and the footed cups!!!!! I would be in “Stuff Heaven” with those!! I’ve wanted an arbor for the longest, and I just love the shape on yours!!! That wagon is cute as a button, too! You’ve made some great purchases and received some really terrific gifts for your inventory. Congratulations on your first year as a tablescape blogger! Hang in there…the best is yet to come!

  4. Thank you sweet friend. I am glad we have “dangerously ” similar taste. You know what they say about birds of a feather. That arbor was half what it would cost anywhere else. I practically stood and held it until the guys could get it loaded. You are one of the people I owe a huge THANK YOU for hanging in here with me. You have greatly inspired me as a person who has taken an awful infirmity and pushed your way through unbearable pain. I am anxiously waiting for your full recovery so you can entertain us on Kansas City. Much love and thank you.

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