February Blues

Hi dear friends,

I just love the blue and whites and I have a serious suspicion that the love came directly from Mother.  Her china pattern was Blue Willow.  Jenn took lots of it. I kept one plate.  We berate ourselves every time we are together because she had two different patterns and we did not keep every single piece.  My tablescape today is blue and white with some reds.


This is Mother’s plate.  So happy Jenn has the rest of this pattern.  On the way home from school yesterday, I told Maddie I missed Mother so much.  Her sweet answer was “Oma, I would like to see her too.” She is seven years old.  She always knows what to say.


My tablecloth is a quilt.

IMG_4347.JPGI have used my standby blue and white plates, red salad plates and these wonderful bowls.


Look at the heart design on the top of this ginger jar and these blue and white cups with a rim of red.  Picked them up at Homegoods.








The great thing about blue and white, besides how classically beautiful they are, is they present an opportunity to mix and match for a more modern and interesting table.


The bold red is quite happy to be with the blue and white not just on our national holidays but also Valentines.




This timelesss color combination will never go out of style and never out of my heart.  My friend, Connie, combines the blue and white with yellow for a clean, classic, and incredibly inviting table.   I hope to showcase her table soon.  Have a happy Friday my friends.  Maddie and I are going to the stables this afternoon, one of my favorite places.



4 thoughts on “February Blues

  1. Dianne, I so love your Tablescape. The quilt is stunning and I love pairing almost any color with blue and white..red definitely makes a statement! Your Maddie is so sweet and I know what she said warmed your heart! Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

  2. Thank you Pam. I love pink with it also. Our granddaughters fill our lives with unbelievable joy. Hope you have a great weekend. Much love.

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