Valentine Decorating


IMG_4560.jpgThere are several accounts of how Valentine’s Day evolved but one thing remains is meaningful.  In ways both sacred and secular, Valentine’s Day affords us an opportunity to honor one another by uniting to celebrate a timeless, universally human condition..LOVE.

Hi Friends,

I really love Valentines but do very little decorating.  I  improvise and repurpose.   I thought I would share a few spots in my home that has gone from winter to Valentines.  Come on in…LOVE greets you at the door.


I have gone from the pinks and mauves to deep red in my decorating.


I took this pic this morning….sun beaming in my sitting room and dining room.  Just love the light.


These stacked boxes have been with me forever.  They have a Paris theme with hearts on some of them. I added a mauve candle.






I have little cherubs sitting throughout the house.


Now to Dining Room with beautiful red roses.



My Great Room sofa just went from winter to Valentines.  The pillow and throw have been around a long time.  I have not added anything new for this season of Love.



My mantle still has blue and white but this little guy makes it pop.


Kitchen table….tablescape coming soon!



Still had a tree out so I made it a heart tree.



This is really where this throw and pillow belongs…in one of my guest bedrooms.




I ventered outside but did very little to the back porch.  I love to get in the fresh air.  


I added these faux stems of bleeding heart…love this nice for my wreaths.


These are the roses that were once inside.  With the cool  temps and time, they have a new look.  I stuck them in this wreath.



More of these roses and these rabbits are carrying a sweet valentine jester.


I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.  Jason, our weatherman, says there may be more snow on the way. Thank you for stopping by.  


3 thoughts on “Valentine Decorating

  1. Oh, no! I hope the snow doesn’t ruin your outdoor decor! We’re supposed to get about an inch, too. I know we need the moisture, but snow…no thanks!!! You call this “very little decorating”??? Whew! This is WAY more Valentine’s Day decorating than I have EVER done! Even when I was more able-bodied! First, I adore the chandeliers right there when you first enter the house! And that beautiful pillow! And the bedroom decor…and so much more!!! You have done a fabulous job! Enjoy it!!!

  2. AND……You say you didn’t do much Valentine decorating??! I see beautiful signs of it in every room. AND on the outdoors! Roses, cherubs, little special boxes, pillows, throws, rabbits entering the scene. I love your blue and white mantel. And I love your Victorian note cards! Always takes us back to a time of beauty.

  3. Diane, I am running late in my comments! Your door wreath is gorgeous…so perfect! I do love the sun dancing around in your lovely living room. Every ❤️ detail is so pretty! The pops of red and pink are just enough to know that Valentine’s Day is around the corner! I can’t wait for your Tablescape! Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday!

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