My Friend Patsy

Hi Friends,

Today is Patsy’s birthday. Happy Birthday wonderful friend!

This is a story of love.

I met Patsy, Wesley and Linda in 2014.  Mother’s doctor told Gordon and me that we could not continue to take care of Mother at home and she needed skilled nursing care.  Mother was nauseated and sick every morning for a long time. One day Mother’s doctor pulled me outside and said “Dianne, you cannot continue this.” They had told us this before and we would continue to try at home.  For a period of time we could give her meds that would somewhat help with this.  Both Gordon and I have spent many days in the ER. When these meds no longer worked, the doctor wanted to try a new drug that would require skilled nursing and physician supervision.  We were ready to try anything to give her a better quality of life.

We made this difficult decision in 2014 and the new medication worked.  Praise God for doctors who are willing to search and research.  Mother’s roommate was a very special woman…Kathryn Grooms. They became wonderful friends.  Her family….Patsy, Wesley and Linda… became Mother’s friends and my friends.

Wesley, Mrs. Grooms son,  showed up every day at 7 AM to check on his Mother and quickly became early morning caretaker for my Mother.  Normally he went and got Mother coffee before the staff had brought the breakfast tray.  He made sure she had anything she needed. He would tease with her which she enjoyed greatly. He would locate her shoes and help her get them on.  He read the paper to her including Snuffy Smith.  This happened every day. How do you describe such a devoted man?! Mother and I had an arrangement that she would call me every morning as soon as she was awake. It was my routine to go every day around 9 or 10, stay through lunch, and then stay until around 2 PM.  If Wes had any thought that Mother was feeling really sick, he called me immediately and I went immediately.  I can never thank him enough.

Now, back to my friend Patsy.

Patsy was still working full time and she was taking care of her own Mother much of the time.  Her Dad was taking care of her at home.  Patsy went to her Mother’s every weekend…washing, cooking, cleaning, whatever was needed.  Every day after work Patsy came to help Mrs. Grooms get ready for bed…fresh night clothes, lotion, face cream, brushing teeth and with a lot of LOVE.  It wasn’t long before she was doing the same for Mother.  Mother felt no one could do it like Patsy and no one really could.  She had a way of placing Mother’s covers that Mother loved.  I expect all that love she was getting added to it.  One night I was trying to do it and she quickly told me to step aside and let Patsy do it.  Well, Patsy and I have had a lot of laughs over this.   If Mother needed face cream, she would tell Patsy and it would show up the next day.  The story could go on and on and as long as I live it will go on.  During this short period of time, Patsy lost her Dad from an accidential fall from a tree.  She then brought her Mother to the same skilled facility.  She lost her Mother within the year,  They were so close.  They would hold hands just like Mother and me. We also had to say goodbye to Mrs. Grooms.  On the day of Mrs. Grooms service, Linda brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Mother….a very loving and brave thing to do as her Mother was no longer there. This story goes on and on…..the love goes on and on.  Can you even imagine how lost for words I might be to describe these wonderful people.  I know during our most difficult times, God places special Angels in our path.


This is Patsy on the left, Wesley and Linda (brother and sister).  Linda is just like them. Angels!!IMG_20150119_133526266_HDR.jpg

My beautiful Mother wrapped up in Maddie’s blanket.


Mother and Patsy- Mother is pretty weak at this time.


This is the rocker Wes sat in every day.  It used to be a neutral color with cushy cushions.  He left it for me and then he gave it to me.  I painted it and have used it on my blog at least three times.  I kept saying it has a story!  It is very important to me.


Patsy, Happy Birthday. Wesley had knee replacement on Friday and is going home today.    I am going to make a cream cheese pound cake with strawberries in the next week and we will celebrate. 

Thank you friends for allowing me to share this story.




2 thoughts on “My Friend Patsy

  1. To Our Friends, though I was on this Journey with Dianne during this time and place in the lives of these good people, it is truly a story of Love to see the written words. Many precious mercies of God’s grace that are ours to enjoy through persons who were once strangers that now have become dear friends. Happy Birthday…….Patsy!

  2. Happy birthday, Patsy! What a beautiful story of selflessness and servanthood! Dianne, what a beautiful post about friendship…those who go way beyond what most people would do. I love the photo of your mom and Patsy. And you sweet Dianne, honor your friendships by writing about them!

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