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I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. Today I am all about the lavender.  What’s not to love about lavender?  It attracts bees and butterflies but is deer and rabbit resistant.  It can be used in cosmetics, medicine, and cuisine. This beloved fragrance is refreshing, clean and very soothing.The color lavender creates a calming effect.  Lavender has a long literary past. Have you ever seen a field of lavender in the summertime?  I love the color and smell of lavender and I am always drawn to it this time of year.




The color lavender….. Not only did I have lavender growing in my garden this summer, I had lots of roses from my garden in this lavender color!



My Mother’s lavender towels.  She always paired them with this shade of green.  I agree.


The look in my bathroom is lavender…soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion!


I transform my bathroom this time of year…it is always lavender!






I made this  lavender wreath and I have enjoyed it in so many places in my home.




Oh, No, every once in a while it is all about pink!




Thank you friends for taking my lavender tour.  





4 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. Oh yes! Just love the LAVENDER Tour of your home. It’s fragrance so clean just as, in my opinion, lemons and cucumbers are to me. The center piece on your dining table is happy, happy for January 10th! Just perfect. And who would want to leave this warm steamy bath room with all your luscious soaps and lotions?! Love bed linens with lavender and precious rabbit pillow. Aren’t we always happy when we have rabbits to grace our presence……I AM! And dear Maddie…..Oh the JOY she brings especially wrapped in Pink!
    Words from an 8 year old boy, “If your house looks happy; then you will be happy too.” A great beginning to this new year!

  2. Connie, I want you to do one of your beautiful tablescapes with lemons so I can photograph your table. I love the quote from the 8 year old boy…I do think we feel happier when our house looks happy. I hope you will consider doing the lemon table. Glad you enjoyed the lavender.

  3. Dianne, what a beautiful lavender tour! I also grow lavender and the smell is heavenly! I love the fragrance of lavender in bath products, and always have lavender soaps and lotions! Maddie is adorable with pink…actually pink and lavender are a nice combo! Thank you for brightening the end of my day with your post!

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