Red Cardinal Love

Hi friends,

I got rather busy with last minute shopping, Christmas cantata, gatherings with family, and all the joys that go with this season and did not publish this tablescape.  I am particularly fond of it as Bob gave me these plates months ago and my grandson, Clay, gave me the matching cookie jar this Christmas.  There is no way Clay could have known that I had these plates.  But Clay knows me and he is out to find what he knows I will like. I am so blessed.


Plates from Cracker Barrel from Bob.


My centerpiece includes the tall red church, evergreen trees, cookie jar birdhouse and other odds and ends.


Stoneware made exclusively for Cracker Barrel.




Birdhouse Cookie Jar from Clay. Perfect with the plates.  Thank you Clay.

He gave me these cups last Christmas. Looks like they were all made to go together.


The Christmas tree makes a festive background.




I found this red church at HomeGoods years ago.



Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.  I am going to Denise’s beautiful home tonight to be with seven or eight of my good friends.  Denise’s mother, Karen, was a beloved friend of mine. We lost her last year.  This will be the first time our group has been together.  God be with all of us as we honor her and enjoy each other. 

As always, thank you for your visit.



2 thoughts on “Red Cardinal Love

  1. Dianne, this is such a beautiful table setting with your lovely cardinals! The church is a stunning centerpiece and Clay’s gift to you of the cookie jar makes it perfect! I know you enjoyed a lovely time with friends last night! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  2. Thank you Pam. My birds were out eating again yesterday. We are expecting some very cold temperatures. Have a great weekend.

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