Regal Foxy Lady and Regal Deer

Out of the silence,  MUSIC.  Out of the darkness,  LIGHT.  Out of uncertainiy, PROMISE.     HOPE was born that night.

Good morning friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying this time with friends, decorating the halls, and preparing for Christmas.  I enjoyed putting together this little whimsical table.  This summer I picked up these Foxy Lady salad plates.  I saw these Regal Deer and I thought they would make sweet companions. Since Bob gave me a gift card from Pier 1 for my birthday, I picked up a couple of these. They are dressed up for a dinner together.  


As part of my birthday gift, I got these place mats that look like real greenery.


Regal Deer is dressed up with bow tie, a red top hat and antlers embellished with butterflies.


Foxy is decked out in her pearls and hat.


I used my tartan plaid throw for a tablecloth.  Sometimes I enjoy setting a table on my kitchen island.




A tree and antler candle holders complete the centerpiece.


A simple white napkin seemed perfect with gold utensils.  I took this slipper off the tree.  Looks like something Regal Fox might like.





I hope you are having some fun with your friends and taking time to savor some of the joys of this season.    

Thank you for your visit today.



3 thoughts on “Regal Foxy Lady and Regal Deer

  1. Dianne,
    Love your gathering at your kitchen island for a Foxy and Regal Deer brunch/lunch/mid afternoon snack/dinner or whenever. And I have a story about Red High Heels and Ear Rings but can’t share……..too naughty to be nice! Must be nice only four more nights until Santa visits!
    Your Childhood Memory, last blog, is a treasure. Must share with you the JOY and tears it brought to Sister.

  2. Connie, so glad that Anita enjoyed Childhood Christmas. I know both you and Anita share this same heritage…devout Christian home. All those hand sewed quilts, the home cooked meals and baking your Mother did, and to be in her presence was to be in the presence of a saint. I can’t even put into words the admiration I have for Anita and all the people she ministers to. Thank you for keeping my poem in safe keeping. It was a gift to me.

  3. Dianne, I love your setting at the island…so whimsical and festive! Bob did great with the Pier 1 gift card, every tablescapes loves Pier 1. I hope your Christmas was joy-filled! Blessings~

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