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Much of our Christmas decorating has symbolic meaning.  Some sources say the gift bow symbolizes Christian commitment, bound to everlasting goodwill.  The Candy Cane is symbolic of the Good Shepherd’s crook.  The wreath is a symbol of God’s eternal Love.  Whether or not these meanings are universally accepted, there is something to say about Good Will among all people, the Good Shepherd using his staff to rescue a lamb, and God’s eternal Love for all of us.

Hi Friends,

Every year for as long as I can remember I have put fresh wreaths with red bows on all windows on the front of the house including the front door.  I always buy a bigger wreath for the front door and add some extra trimming to the front door.  Bob puts out spotlights and we light them at night.  These look pretty both during the day and night.  I have tried to get a picture of both but I have failed to capture the look I’m afraid.





I added the skates and black and white bow mixed with the red.







Two of these on my back fence.


A galvanized bucket full of greenery and berries on my back porch.





Touches here and there…..




This is still a work in progress but part of the joy is adding fresh greenery and a bow to everything.  As I do this, I like to contemplate Good Will among all people, the Good Shepherd, and God’s Eternal Love.

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4 thoughts on “Decorating Outside

  1. Well, Dianne, I think your outside decorations are surely “Christmas Ready!” Just love your ice skating door wreath decoration. Oh my! The black and white bow makes it POP! And the rain deer near your front steps has pranced right on your lawn to welcome your guest…….how sweet. The galvanized bucket arrangement with cute little red lantern takes me back to childhood days. What happened to the last lone rose in your garden that made its appearance few weeks ago?! I think it is resting until Springtime.

  2. The rose was still in bloom when the snow came. I am glad you approve of the skates and black and white. Thank you for your constant encouragement. The snow is still covering the ground over here.

  3. Dianne, first let me say you home is beautiful on the exterior and interiors! I love your front door wreath with the skates and black check ribbon mixed with the red, very eye-catching, You and Bob remind me of Butch and myself as we decorate the house together! I love every touch that you have added, it all works together to create the magic of the Christmas season…Christ robed himself in human flesh in order to offer the perfect sacrifice! Blessings and hugs~

  4. Amen. Praise God for His unbelievable love! We are blessed to have husbands who love the Lord and encourage and help us with our projects.

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