Christmas Decorating in Sitting Room and Dining Room

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.”  2 Corinthians 9:15

Hi Friends,

I have managed to do some serious decorating in the last few days but still have a way to go.  Sharing a few areas where I have made progress…


Entering my front door, I have a a deer hanging over a beveled mirror.  This is a very unique piece that I got from my friend Niki at Select Furniture about five years ago. I love grapevine and woodsy materials. It is difficult to get out of Niki’s shop without something to take home. She makes me deals I can’t refuse.  This deer has the most amazing antlers.


My sitting room is on the right entering my  home.  It is very traditional but I have given it a whimsical touch for Christmas.  Nothing new…just things collected over the years.


I have a tree decorated in lots of red and green with top hats and lots of fun embellishments.



The hat on top of the tree lights up also.




Little penquins on a side table.


I have collected santas over many years.  Santa riding the polar bear is probably the center of my decorating in this room.  I have some free flowing greenery and small ornaments swagged in my tall vase.



The sweet birds are having a serious conversation in the snow on my other side table.  Papa bird  has on his top hat. Bob really loves this little piece.




This is part of my foyer. I have used this tall candle and the fruit swag forever it seems.  This brownish/gold colored nutcracker seems to fit here. He looks hand carved but not. Our house was designed with ample space in the foyer area so I will have more pics of this area later.


My Dining Room table has a tall vase with fresh greenery and berries.  I got this vase at B. B. Barnes….one of my favorite things. My dining room is directly across from the sitting room so I thought the little hat was a good touch.




This is one of my first handmade santas.  I have had it and the sleigh about thirty plus years.  Look at the face features.   These santas have a story but that will come later. All the trees have lights.



Thanks for your visit today.  More to come…










6 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating in Sitting Room and Dining Room

  1. The look on that poor polar bear’s face…it’s like, “Santa, puh-leeze eat a salad every once in awhile!!!” 🙂 I love that plush piece, though. Polar bears are one of my favorites! I’ve used them in the library this year. They’re just so big and fluffy and snowy looking!!! I LOVE the grapevine reindeer over the mirror!!!!!!!!!! That is really a cool piece, and I love how the lush embellishments extend vertically rather than in a circular style! You HAVE been busy!!!!!!

  2. Well I have to say pic # eleven is my favorite, but love all of them! Your Top Hat decorating is “one of a kind”… it. Oh my, all of these hand made Santa’s are a treasure. Each one unique and beautiful. Still love your fruit swag no matter the season. Keep sending us JOY!

  3. Dianne, forgive my tardiness in commenting on your post! The deer in the foyer is the piece de resistance and what a statement he makes! Your sitting room is beautifully adorned for the most wonderful time of the year! Love your top hat tree! The handmade Santa is exquisite and I can’t wait wait to read the back story! Your dining room is dressed elegantly with the touch of whimsy in the hat! You have been a busy lady! I love it all

  4. Thank you Pam. I have so enjoyed my decorating this year. I have a small collection of these Santas and they have been around a long time. Blessings to you.

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