Christmas Decorating

“I want to add some beauty and joy to life and I pray that my blog might add just a tiny bit of both.”   Dianne

Hi Friends:

Since I did not host Thanksgiving dinner, I spent some time starting my decorating.  I am absolutely crazy about Christmas decorating and there is no telling how much blogging I may do.  I first want to thank Rob and Jenn for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  Everything was so festive and the food delicious. I am having a little separation anxiety from all the beauty of the pumpkins and the fall colors so I am gradually doing this transition and offering Praise for all that nature provided. I started on my back porch.







Look what happened to pumpkin cart.  This little doll is older than Jenn.  Her candle lights up. 



I make all my bows so I have been busy making bows for my fresh wreaths and add bows to everything.


My table has a clean slate but I am anxiously planning tablescapes, tea parties and hot chocolate galore.


Thank you sincerely to those who visit with me.  This is such a joy in my life and i sincerely thank you.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. Oh yes, just let me tell you that there is no one else’s that can compete with Dianne’s bows, bags and such! When you receive a gift from her…….the wrapping is a gift alone. For me also, letting go of my favorite season of Autumn is sad. Because I love the crisp feel and color palette. Dianne, I am already seeing that your transition to Christmas will be a gift for us. Your doll and wreaths would be a steal !

    1. Good morning Connie, thank you for your kind words. Want you to come over for some tea and time together. Much love.

  2. Dianne, I can’t wait to see everything that you will share with us during “the most wonderful time of the year”…everything you have done so far, I love! I am in full decorating mode, almost half finished! Have a lovely weekend~

  3. Good morning Pam. I am in full decorating mode also and I can’t wait to see some more of your decorating. I absolutely loved the Williamsburg fan above your door. I have done a Williamsburg tree for years. Happy Saturday. Go Bama! Bob is a SC graduate so this is a big game for him against Clemson. Much love.

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