Thanksgiving Table


Dear Friends:

I am not having Thanksgiving at my house this year. My daughter Jenn and her husband Rob will host our dinner.  They both work long hours with lots of responsibility and they still so graciously offered to do this.  Rob’s mother, Rob’s brother and wife, and Bob and I will all be having Thanksgiving there. Rob is a wonderful cook and I have offered to help. 

I do have a little turkey tablescape set for Bob and me to enjoy and I have included some turkey platters that have had lots of use over the years.




My centerpiece is a feather wreath and cross candle given to me by my friend Elva Lee.  Elva made this leather studded cross herself.  The feather wreath seemed to go with the turkey theme.


I have seen more elegant and much more expensive turkey plates but these had my name written on them.  





This was Mother’s turkey platter.  There have been countless meals served on this tray.  There are a few nicks here and there…makes it more special to me.


This is also Mother’s Blue Willow dishes.  Jenn has all of these except this one plate.



These bowls have been used and loved for years and I am still using them.  Mother always made a pumpkin roll and used this long platter to serve it.



Of course, this is one of her devotion books.  “Thanksgiving was never to be shut up in a single day.”


This is my turkey platter and large bowl that matches.  The raised border is so beautiful.



There is a little church in the background.



“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His Love endureth forever.”

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table

  1. Dianne, what lovely turkey plates, I don’t think I have ever seen that pattern…very pretty and unique! I know you cherish your mother’s platters and bowls! I am sur her pumpkin roll was delicious. Do you have her recipe so you can continue the tradition? How sweet of Jen and Rob to host. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Blessings and hugs, Pam

  2. Thanksgiving should indeed be celebrated for every day we are thankful to be alive! That would be 24/7/365 for me!!! Your turkey plates are elegant and colorful and even joyous! The turkey is peacock proud!!! Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!

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