A Week in pictures

“Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord.”  Psalm 150:6

Hi  Friends,

I want to share a few pictures I have taken in the last two weeks that have brought joy to my heart.  The mountains of Western North Carolina are dressed in their finest attire.  Most were taken just outside my door and there are a few where I have been playing house on the inside. 


Just outside my back door.





These were taken at B B Barnes.



A little decoration for my sideboard that was calming to me.



Just another little thing I put together for a centerpiece.


Just playing.  The hydrangeas stayed so beautiful so long. I just keep putting something together.



From my front porch.IMG_0004.JPG


I took this picture on the way back from High Point very late in the day. My camera may have skewed the colors a bit but love this. Thank you for your little visit.



4 thoughts on “A Week in pictures

  1. The colors in these photos are just magnificent! Love your sideboard and Angel so peacefully sleeping. I have just read, “Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.” By: Matt Rogers Spring Hill, TN
    These quotes of a few words say so much. Dianne, Thank you!

  2. The Matt Rodgers quote really says it perfectly. Every leaf does become a flower. The color outside my door is breathtaking….simply breathtaking. Thank you for enjoying this with me.

  3. Dianne, I loved seeing your beautiful autumn pictures! The colors are amazing…we are at peak right now! We are going to have a few rainy days, so I am sure the leaves will fall off. Wishing you a week of joy and blessings!

    1. It has been so beautiful here but in the last few days the leaves are really coming down. Yesterday when I picked up the children, the leaves were coming down like rain. We were trying to catch them so we could make a wish. It is raining here today. God Bless

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