Working on Fire Pit and A Walk Through the Garden

“Be Joyful always. pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Hi Friends,

I had a most happy Halloween last evening with the cutest little faces I have ever seen. After the last one left, I packed up all the Halloween.  I was glad to get it put away.

Just about a week ago, I did a walk through my garden and I was amazed at all the beauty still in my garden.  There were four or five rose buds, heather blooming and lots more. I just had to get a few more photos of my garden before freezing temperatures take care of it for me.  Bob and  I are working on our little fire pit. We may put a gravel apron around it..still trying to figure this out.  November has arrived.  I want to pause and give thanks every day in a very deliberate way for God’s many blessings.





Mother’s birdhouse church, Jenn’s old urn and Dianne’s attempt to make something special for my porch.  These things given to me are like pure gold to me.







You can see the bare ground.  We are trying to look at different options that might work around this fire pit.




Mother’s old glider is perfect in our sanctuary.


Wesley’s gift to me just keeps on giving ! We enjoy our sanctuary all year round!



“Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name,” 

1 Chronicles 29:13

Thanks for your visit today.



5 thoughts on “Working on Fire Pit and A Walk Through the Garden

  1. Oh yes, Dianne, you and Maddie did indeed have a fun, fun Halloween! And we turned the page on the calendar today so now it is time for Thanksgiving… my favorite holiday of the year. So unbelievable that your garden is still sporting this beauty. Love the Heather and Lantana. As always love your scantuary. It speaks of peace to me. And if All those folks out there knew of this very special inspirational and fun-filled stories of “I Will Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills” shown in your swing photo, they would be on a search for this book. Your bird house church matches no other! Love All your angels. Thank you for this added bonus to our day.

    1. Connie, this little book by Kristen’s friend is so precious. My garden has blessed me with such beauty this year. What a wonderful time at B B Barnes last evening. Two hundred women greeting this season of Thanksgiving and Advent in the most festive venue possible.

  2. Dianne, thank you for the beautiful autumn tour of your garden! I savored every photo! Sweet friend, I would love to cozy up on your mother’s glider and spend an afternoon over hot chocolate and lots of conversation…it looks so inviting! I am loving the fire pit, can’t wait to see how you surround it! Blessings~

    1. Thank you for spending time in my garden again. I have enjoyed your posts on your trip to Colorado more than you can know. Just had to say it again. The post you and Butch did together was awesome.

  3. First thing to catch my eye was that bright orange pumpkin amidst the Mexican heather. So coo!!! It’s wonderful that you still have things growing outdoors. You must live in a region that remains relatively warm. Here in the Kansas City, MO area we have seen 2 hard freezes already. 🙁 Weird enough, though, the expected high for this coming Sunday is 85!!! Crazy weather!!! Enjoy the beauty of your still-blooming flowers and foliage, and best wishes as you get to work on your fire pit!

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