Looking Like Halloween Here

Maddie and I are doing our best to scare up some Halloween fun over here. Come join our fun and not so scary decorating.


Ordered these cute cards from Amazon…Cavallini & Co.


Front Porch is getting dressed up for Halloween.  I put a lot of old things together to make this guy.  I added the grass so he would look like he was walking out of the  pumpkin patch. The child in me is certainly coming out especially with Maddie’s enthusiasm for Halloween. His hat lights up at night.


Back Porch


Love this black and orange wreath.  Use it all kinds of ways.



Oh, no, look what popped up in the garden.  He looks like he is losing his last teeth or trying to eat cheeries with very few teeth.  Bucket from HomeGoods.  Grabbed it up quickly.


There is a scary table coming soon! Maddie and I would like you to join our fun!




I am getting ready for my little goblins.  Need to get my treats put together.








2015…getting ready to line these up again


This is my sweet helper.   Together we can scare up a lot of trouble.

Thank you my friends.


5 thoughts on “Looking Like Halloween Here

  1. Oh me! Dianne, you and Maddie are having so much fun! I can just see the excitement on her face. Love, Love your little greeting cards. Just look at that old crow perched on your dining room table! My favorites are #’s 13, 14 & 17. Oh my, so hard to choose…..love the scare crow bucket! Looking forward to your and Maddie’s “scary table” coming soon. Enjoy these times.

  2. Hi, Dianne! Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today! I was out shopping at the Vintage Market Days event here in nearby Overland Park, KS, just across the state line. Man, it was cold out there! (We’re expecting a hard freeze tonight. Goodbye, fall!) But so much to see…I was actually a bit overwhelmed!!! I was with 3 other ladies, so I couldn’t really shop the way I usually do. I have a weekend pass, so I think I’ll be headed back out there tomorrow to see what else I can haul home and get in trouble for! 🙂 I like the Halloween touches you’ve displayed inside and out! Halloween is coming up, isn’t it? I guess I’d better get crackin’! It just seems like it came up so fast! Maybe I’ll do something out front this weekend. We get very few trick-or-treaters around here. We’re at the end of a cul-de-sac. We mostly end up eating all the candy ourselves!

    Have a joyous weekend and a spooky but not TOO spooky Halloween!!! Thanks again for stopping by my place!!!

  3. Good morning Dianne, you have done a fabulous job on decorating and preparing for Halloween ! Maddie has been a great helper and I know she is so excited! The bucket from Home Goods is a great find! Wishing you a joy-filled Monday! Blessings and hugs!

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