Celebration of Autumn

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”  -Willie Nelson

Good morning friends,

I have been celebrating autumn since September 1st.  The air is  certainly cooler here today after so much rain yesterday.  The cooler temperatures speak of comfort food, warm throws and blankets, hot drinks and sitting by the fireplace. I have set up a table in my breakfast area with the bright colors of Fall.






I got this table runner from TJ Maxx.  It is awesome with blue background, pumpkins and beads sewn in pumpkins. Envogue


These plates are from  Dollar Tree and wonderful quality.


My centerpiece is a scalloped tin tray with a lantern and fall accents. Nothing new in the centerpiece…just used what I had.



I thought this throw needed a place at this table.


The plaid napkins work so well.  Cannot possibly remember how long I have had the napkin rings.  A little more glitz at my table.



The stemware was a gift from a friend a long time ago.



This is a season of harvest, a time for gathering and a time of JOY!  Thank you sweet earth for your bounty and beauty. Lets celebrate the joys of the season!



5 thoughts on “Celebration of Autumn

  1. Oh yes, wouldn’t this world be different if we all lived by Willie Nelson quote?!
    Your beautiful, beautiful table runner……no words to describe…..just “over the top.” And your center piece so perfect, love it! Will there be your delicious cauliflower soup served up for lunch? A definite day brightener to see all your Autumn beauty.

    1. Connie, thank you. This runner has all the colors you love. Creating is like therapy for me. Chili for lunch and dinner with cornbread and pumpkin roll for dessert,

  2. Dianne, I love your TJ Maxx runner with the pretty blue background! The plaid napkins and orange plates bring so much pretty autumn color to your table! The centerpiece is the perfect finishing touch! Blessings~

  3. Love that quote from Willie! I saw him in an interview with Bob Schieffer on some CBS program in the last month or so. He has really settled down and gotten wise in his later years. Not that he’s a choir boy, but he has a newfound wisdom that he’s unafraid to share. He’s a cool guy. I see you have the napkins that match my table runner!!!!!!!!! I did not see the napkins at Home Goods when I bought the runner. I would never use them together (I really love the way you so deftly paired them with this pumpkin pattern!), but it would be nice to have them for other tables. That plaid in those colors is just really slick, isn’t it? Love it! The throw is the perfect finishing touch! I actually think I need to keep one in the kitchen. My husband is always so cold…even when it’s like 100 degrees out!!! 🙂

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