Pumpkin Orange, Red Truck and a Burst of Brilliance

Welcome friends,

My tablescape is set for two.  I have never used this much orange in my decorating and I can’t believe how warm and inviting this feels to me.  I really don’t want to put it away.



While I was doing this table, Bob surprised me with this cute red truck.  Of course the red truck had to be part of the autumn celebration.



This urn was a gift from Connie.  I kept admiring it at her house and one day she wrapped it up and gave it to me.  I have filled it full of autumn colors.


I am using my  blue and white plates.  The salad plates are Primagero and the pumpkin bowls are Chantal.  I plan to fill these bowls with cauliflower soup…perhaps it doesn’t sound all that good but delicious.



The cloth on the table is a birthday present from Connie.  Quite beautiful and it has the word Orange written on it.




These cute little footed cups are by Potters Studio.  At our house they are used mostly for drinking hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top. Anthropologie stocks these from time to time.








The orange cloth and the orange pumpkins and the predominately orange floral arrangement has been a burst of brillance that has brought so much joy to me. And also definitely the red truck!

Thank you for joining me today.


4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Orange, Red Truck and a Burst of Brilliance

  1. Dianne, what a beautiful table for two! I love all the orange that you have incorporated in your setting! The pumpkin bowls with cauliflower soup sounds delicious. Your arrangement finishes the table perfectly! What a fun surprise from your sweet hubby!

  2. Oh, never too much orange! I once read that Orange is the most powerful color in the color wheel. That surprised me……thought it would be red. Love the delicate footed cups. And OMG, the red truck definitely needed to be shown in this mix. Your arrangement in the striking blue vase is one that “only you” could create.

    1. Much of this table is because I have a friend who so generously gifts me with beautiful things and encourages me to create. Isn’t that truck from Bob the cutest thing! Yes, that orange just drew me in!

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