Our annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

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Saturday was our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  The weather was perfect. It was a wonderful day!IMG_0026.JPG

Yes, that is Bob with the wheelbarrow taking care of everybody’s pumpkins!


These four went through the Corn Maze.  It is a 5-acre Corn Maze.  Oma stayed back still recovering from torn muscle in the knee area.  They came out unscathed but looking for cold apple cider for refreshment.


Maddie is driving Grandad’s truck.  I sorta feel bad for her passengers.  They are on their knees to get a picture.  I took the picture but Maddie was clearly in charge of keeping them in their seats.


Oma with Maddie and Davis sitting in the pumpkin patch.  I absolutely love this day.




This was 2016.


2016 with my daughter, Jennifer


Back to Saturday…Bob and I are having a little ice cream treat and enjoying our day. 



The passengers look like they are having fun.


Happy Monday.  Hope you have a wonderful week.


6 thoughts on “Our annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

  1. Dianne, what a per-fect weather day for your annual family trip to the Pumpkin Patch ! Everyone is having a great time and how fun in the Corn Maze! These photos are a treasure.

    1. Connie, wish you had been with us. You could have joined me in one of the rockers with hot apple cider. Jennifer started this little tradition after Mother passed. As you know, we got all our pumpkins from Mother. Wonderful day!

  2. Looks like a fun and beautiful day. I have yet to visit a big pumpkin patch so I need to do something about that.
    I agree the pictures are a treasure.
    That is a lot of pumpkins!

  3. Dianne, what a fabulous fun day with your family! I love a pumpkin patch! Davis is my maiden name and I used it for the middle name of our son! You have such a beautiful family! I can see you love making memories! Have a wonderful Tuesday dear friend!

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