Joy for each Moment

Hi Friends,

The last several weeks has been devastating and Hurricane Irma even made its way to the mountains.   There is widespread destruction even in the Asheville area.  Big oaks have been uprooted and fallen on homes and cars.  Bob and I sit and watched the  trees in our backyard  sway and bend like we have never seen but thankfully they withstood the pressure.  My best friend has been without power for two days.  I want to quote someone whose words reflect my feelings:

“Our hearts are broken by image after image of homes lost and lifelong memories washed away. The fact is that these hurricanes and their aftermath have occurred; the way we respond to this adversity defines us as a company and as a people and caring neighbor.  God is good and with His healing hands, along with the hands of neighbor helping neighbor, Texas, Florida and the Caribbean will move forward and be greater, bigger, and shinier than ever.” – Aaron Walters, Altar’d State Chairman and CEO

And I hope these photos will bring a little joy to your day:


On my back porch!



A little decorating inside too!



I am moving forward with creativity and joy while continuing to pray and help where I can.  Thank you Aaron Walters for your generosity and for your words of wisdom. May the Joy of the Lord be in our hearts.

Thank you friends for joining me.


4 thoughts on “Joy for each Moment

  1. Dear Dianne, Your post today very timely and Just Perfect. Oh, Oh, how we do love little wagons loaded with pumpkins! This one on your back porch has stolen my heart……wagon carrying pumpkins and my favorite color of mums. And yes, always leaves of vibrant colors! Love, Love your “down on the farm” pumpkin field too! Words from A’ltar State CEO could not be better stated. Praying for all persons who are feeling discouraged and hopeless to…Keep On Keeping On.

  2. Keep On Keeping On was penned by your wonderful friend, minister and writer. I would add scholar to that list. Yes, these wagons remind us of so many joys. Thank you for your special words about this post. Sometimes I have difficulty expressing what my heart feels. Thank goodness for people like Aaron Walters and Richard Crowder who certainly know how! Remember you are going to the pumpkin farm with Bob and me. Going to drink hot cider, sit back in our rocking chairs and survey the beauty!

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