God be Near to All

It has been a long time since we have seen the devastation that we have seen from Mother Nature in the last few weeks.  My son in law spent 18 days in Montana in August with the raging fires.  Our National Guard units, local safety personnel and thousands of volunteers join in the effort to protect lives.  Our neighbors in Texas, the Caribbean and others have lost everything.  Even those of us on the sidelines are wrought with shock and deep compassion for those affected by these horrible events. I pray the calming Presence of our Sovereign God will be with all those who suffer.  Give the rest of us a heart of giving at this time.   Lord, be near to all.






God’s peace comfort all of us.  Dianne


4 thoughts on “God be Near to All

  1. Yes our hearts hurt for ALL PEOPLE. At this time, just as on each day……
    “I will EXPECT, LOOK FOR and SEE God’S blessings every day.
    Peace and Rest be to ALL

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