Harvest Memories and why I Blog

Hi Friends,

Harvest is almost upon us and the memories this season evokes is filled with beautiful memories and a little sadness.  Mother and Dad lived on this farm about 65 years.  It was an incredible place to be as a child and as an adult.  Mother always grew pumpkins and I fell in love with everything pumpkin.  I am posting pictures that tell a little about this amazing woman and her pumpkins. My entire blog is dedicated to her memory.


She was a tiny little thing.  She wore this plaid shirt a lot. Beautiful isn’t she?


I believe this is 2005.  I was responsible for harvesting the pumpkins, a job I accepted with extreme delight.  It was always one of the happiest days of my life. I even went into the corn field to make a shock of corn to display near her “She Shed” with pumpkins surrounding it.  All her pumpkins were given away to children and neighbors and me.


Is this not amazingly beautiful in the field! 




These are all Mother’s pumpkins from her pumpkin patch. Mother and her dentist always had a little competition going on.  Guess who won!


Her little shed was full of garden tools and beautiful cans of green beans and tomato juice and other great things.  Her tomato juice made the very best homemade vegetable soup ever. The walkway leads to the house and back porch.


She loved the birds and really took care of them.


Even though this is in the snow, this is our barn and this is the trailer that Dad filled with hay and took the community children on hayrides.


Hay baling day was a special time…just seeing the bales of hay in the field is a beautiful thing.



What a magnificent day!!!


Thank you Mother.  How can I ever say thank you? I cannot.


This is Mother with my daughter Jennifer.  She looks young enough to be the mother.  Jennifer loved Mother and Dad and the farm also.

Praise God for your many blessings.  As I reach back in my memory, I was so unbelievably blessed to be born in this family.  I am ready for the fall, the pumpkins, the tablescapes, the hot apple cider, cool nights, time with friends and family and all things autumn.  Dianne

4 thoughts on “Harvest Memories and why I Blog

  1. Dianne, yes beautiful memories for you and loved ones. A memorable day for my daughter, granddaughter and me of visiting and being gifted with an arm load of pumpkins to bring home with us. Dianne, I just know you are saving the “best of the pumpkin story” for a little later in the season……I will not tell ! And then there is the story of your Mother’s own private sanctuary just over the ridge from the back yard. What an amazing lady with many, many talents who gave more blades of kindness than any one knows. You are rejoicing, I know, in being her daughter AND I say you should in so many ways you are just like her.

  2. Dianne, what a touching post about your Mother and the farm! How wonderful that you have photos of her pumpkins that she grew. Your family sounds like mine…I am so thankful to have been raised in a Christian home by parents who loved God, each other, and my brother and I. I am so grateful to still have my Dad…he will be 87 in October! Thank you for sharing this, made my day!

    1. Pam,
      Thank you so much. Yes that is how I grew up and I also have one brother. It is reassuring to know people want to hear these stories. I am very grateful to you. Dianne

  3. Connie,
    Thank you for your very precious words. The day we all were there with Erin was so special. Thank you for your kindness. Yes, more to tell. Dianne

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