Zinnia Garden Influence

JOY is the sheer privilege of being in the presence of a mountain or a star studded sky or a sunset.

Zinnias really do speak summer….colorful, warm, enjoying the sun.  My tablescape is influenced by these beautiful blooms.



I am preparing a table using my umbrella table.  This is one of those zippered tablecloths made for umbrella tables.  I can’t believe the quality.  I attached my zinnia wreath as a centerpiece..it also hides the umbrella hardware.




I am using my sweet bunny napkins and my aqua dishes.  These glasses are old and have held a lot of sweet tea.  It is a happy table.




This sweet watering can was a gift from Connie and so was the butterfly towel.


Is he not the cutest bird?  I borrowed him from Jenn and he forgot how to get home!






This was such a happy day playing house.  Bob and I are having Teriyaki pork tenderloin, baked sweet potatoes, and sauteed fresh veggies.

Thanks for joining me today. Dianne

3 thoughts on “Zinnia Garden Influence

  1. This, INDEED, is a Happy Table ! All the colors I so Love. And what about a zippered umbrella table cloth? Never heard of such. The creator of this needs an applause for certain! I know Jenn and family miss “cutie bird” pillow but you are hoping he doesn’t find his way home and stays with you……so precious. Zinnias are for late August and September reminding me of the words of SEPTEMBER SONG. I want to linger in the coming autumn bliss.

  2. Bob and I both think you need to write a book. Your words are always so beautifully put together. Thank you.

  3. Dianne, please forgive my tardiness in reading your beautiful posts! Your table is so lovely…I love zinnias and yours are so pretty! The wreath was genius to hide the umbrella hardware! The aqua dishes are perfect! The watering can is so cute…Blessings sweet friend!

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