Simple Joy-Garden Accessories and Garden Rules

Garden accessories…my garden is not producing lots of blooms right now so I decided to share some of my potted plants and ways I accessorize my porches.  I am also including some of my garden rules from my beautiful kitchen towel.  I am happy to be joining Gardens Galore No. 5.   Thank you Pam.


I love nests and this little mossy purse is so cute with different flowers. I found a wonderful bag of moss at Marshall’s last week for $2.99.  

Garden Rule No. 1: Grow in Joy


Just a lush arrangement of fern and other plants and one of my little angels.  Angels love to hang out among the flowers.


Bob and I can be found here on our back porch early on most mornings with coffee in hand.  I made this wreath starting with a natural wreath, adding lavender and fern, a green swag and a flower that has flower power.


I make different arrangements and wreaths to hang in this spot.


All these Garden Rules are found on this sweet little kitchen towel from a friend.

Garden Rule No. 2:  Share with friends…and dream


Out to the patio under the shade trees..IMG_1928.JPG


Quilts, throws, and pillows……I use all kinds of colorful throws and pillows on this old glider.  “A blanket wraps us in warmth…a quilt wraps us in love.” Especially if it is made with Mother’s loving hands.


Garden Rule No. 3:  Plan for Sunshine




While I was making pictures, she was very busy in the garden.  She is definitely a beautiful accessory.


THEY ARE LOOKING BETTER! My sweet talk is working.

Garden Rule No. 4: Hope for Rain


I have two of these and they are finally producing.


So many things look beautiful next to this old oak.  I love what Pam says about beauty. “If we don’t see beauty all around us, we just aren’t paying attention.”  That should be in the top 100 best quotes.

Garden Rule No. 5: Enjoy BEAUTY




I put a little of everything in this pot and the green vine returned from last year. I have no idea what it is.  BB Barnes is very helpful in assisting me with garden questions.

Garden Rule No. 6: Plant Your Wishes




I could not garden without these tools.  They are in their authentic condition..USED!

Heading to front Porch…..



Two of these urns at my front door.


I really love lanterns and we light them in late afternoons when we sit on the front porch.  I am always changing them up with seasons and holidays.


This is where Bob and I sit in the late afternoon sipping iced tea and looking at the changing view of the mountains.  My camera is usually close by.

“The Heavens declare His Glory”


“My help comes from the Lord Who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 21:2



“The Joy of the Lord is your strength.”  Nehemiah 8:10

IMG_0001Garden Rule No. 7:  Produce Love   This is the most important rule I believe


I am thrilled to be joining this garden party.  I love seeing all your gardens.  Dianne

2 thoughts on “Simple Joy-Garden Accessories and Garden Rules

  1. Dianne, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you! The back porch looks like the perfect place to have coffee and the front porch for evenings and iced tea with your beautiful mountain views! Your containers and pots are thriving with healthy blooms and vibrant foliage! I love the 7 rules you shared and yes love is the most important! I also loved your sky views and the verses of scripture that you shared! How sweet of you to use my little quote! Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore and Happy Gardening!

  2. Thank you Pam. I have enjoyed your Garden parties so much. When people connect with mutual interests and values, it is a wonderful thing.

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