My Friend Connie


This life really is a Journey.  We have no idea of the twists and turns along the way.  One of the things I have found true is how important it is to have a few really good friends on this Journey.  Connie has been my friend for over 40 years.  Our daughters grew up together.  Connie is one of the brightest people I have ever known.  She is probably the most grateful person I have ever known. During Mother’s illness she was a source of strength and comfort.  She took all my calls… sometimes two and three per day.  She would miraculously show up when I really needed it.  And, yes, we have shared so many joyful times together.  Connie is an amazing Christian woman.  She has so many wonderful friends. I am just so thankful to be one of them.


Here is Connie with her beautiful daughter, Kristen, and beautiful granddaughter, Erin.  This picture shows the relationship with her granddaughter.  Erin is a track star.  She has been to Junior Olympics two years in a row…just had to add that.  We are all extremely proud of her.


There are some really good genes in this family and I don’t mean just outside beauty..I’m talking about character, integrity, faith and love.


Connie and I were at Mosaic Cafe yesterday celebrating her birthday.  A precious young woman took this picture.  I told her it was Connie’s birthday and we had been friends over 40 years.  A few minutes later she came over and said she called her best friend and told her friend about our years of friendship.  Connie, she inspired us and we inspired her.


This was taken about a month ago.  I had Maddie and we met Connie at Barnes and Noble.  We both love books and it is one of our favorite spots.  We both love decorating and tablescapes and we both love God’s beautiful creation.


Connie is amazing with children.  She has a way of giving her full attention to a child and how she can make a story come alive when reading to a child…..just another of her gifts.  

IMG_20150124_124524073 (2)

Here we are probably 35 years ago. You can see what a beauty she was and you can see her poise and grace.  It remains the same to this day.   She is a person of detail.  I call it her signature style..when you get one of her cards, it is always dated, a perfectly chosen sticker for the envelope flap, and usually special chosen stamps.  This is a lost art in this day and time.  But not for Connie…

IMG_20150331_133810107 (1).jpg

She loves rabbits and decorating and she is very good at it.  She worked in the medical field but she knows more about everything than you could believe.  She is knowledgeable on most any subject…a learned person with an amazing memory too.


This is an Easter table  several years ago at Connie’s.  She invited me, my daughter and granddaughter.  Her daughter and granddaughter were there also.  Three generations of friends.  It was an unforgettable day.  She had hats for each of us. Look at all the detail on this table and the colored glass and beautiful silverware. 

IMG_20150331_135600624_HDR (1).jpg

There was Easter everywhere.  She loves books and they are stacked beautifully through her house.  I have stolen some of her ideas on displaying books.

IMG_20150331_131457693_HDR (1).jpg

I have written about my love for Beatrice Potter. Connie has a rare and beautiful collection and this is just a part of it.  See the stacks of books.


This was Maddie’s special place setting and then Maddie was given this plate to take home. I hope you are getting a little idea of what an amazing person and friend she is.

IMG_20150331_142204687_HDR (1)

These are our girls..almost like sisters.  I call Kristen my other daughter.  We went to the park after lunch.  They have been swinging and playing like little girls.IMG_20150331_142321528_HDR.jpg

This is the beautiful Erin, Connie’s granddaughter.  Connie made an awesome lunch but Erin and Maddie had Chick-fil- A.

IMG_20150331_163241644 (1)

IMG_20150331_163229265 (1).jpg

She has Maddie so excited reading this book.

IMG_20150331_153908325 (1).jpg

IMG_20150331_145756740_HDR (1).jpg

Thank you Connie for this special day.  Thank you for all the years of friendship. I think the one word I would use in describing Connie is gratefulness,  She pays attention.  She lives in the moment.  She understands that we are all miraculously part of this Great Creation and she understands the privilege and gift of this life.  A friend knows our difficulties and remains close by.  She has walked with me and believed in me on a Journey impossibe to accomplish alone.


Brian finally made it into the picture.  Connie adores her son-in-law Brian and for good reason.  He is a wonderful man.  

Connie has a sister, Anita, and brother, Larry.  This Epley family is the personification of what a real family is all about…love of God, love of family, and love for their fellow man.  Their parents instilled these values in them at an early age.  

Happy Birthday, my friend.  God put you in my life many years ago and I am grateful.  Bob, Jennifer,Rob, Davis,  Maddie and I all say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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