Joy in le jardin

“Do everything without complaining.” – Philippians 2:14

Boy, is this a hard thing to live up to but the rewards are marvelous. I’ve learned how to phrase things differently, stick with the facts and present my thoughts and criticisms in a positive way. 

Happy Monday Friends.  My tablescape has a table runner I made and I am calling it le jardin.


Come visit my French Garden Tablescape….


I have made a table runner from three of my Cypress Garden placemats.  A beautiful garden urn filled with roses, ranunculus, pink geraniums, and green berries. This urn and dome is sitting on a rustic table.  Looks like  Everything French!




One of Mother’s quilts in the background. It seems right at home here.  Three books that I am reading from time to time.  One of them is entitled A Complaint Free World by William Bowen. Mr. Bowen, you sure have challenged us here.  When Bob asks me how I am doing in the mornings I say ‘really good’.  I really do think that makes him feel good and I wait to an appropriate time and then briefly stick with the facts if I need to let him know that I am feeling sad or not feeling well. I believe in honesty but no complaining. Paul tells the Phillipians…”no grumbling.”




My little cherub from my bedroom looks like he was made for this table.  His berries are exactly like the ones in the urn.


Leaf lettuce, tomato filled with chicken salad and fresh fruit..cantaloupe and raspberries.It was so good.  I wasn’t planning on showing the food but Bob said yes. I think I could have made it prettier.IMG_0009.JPG

Something pretty I made that I just wanted to include..




Look at the wood floor against this runner.  Looks like it came from the same wood.  I am loving weathered looking objects so much.



Thank you for your visit today.  Blessings to you.  Dianne



3 thoughts on “Joy in le jardin

  1. Dianne, Thank you again for taking me along on a much needed vacation to France. Always a pleasure to vacation with you. “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen is included in the top 5 of my favorite books. Pages are marked with yellow, green, blue and pink stick on tabs for easy re-reading. Your sleeping angel is so Heavenly. Perfect and beautifully prepared salad lunch! I agree with Bob this should be shown. Love you table runner.

  2. My friend I have this book because of you. I love the way this table runner looks too.

  3. Dianne, what a beautiful Tablescape…I love all of its French influences! I would love to join you for that delicious looking meal, it is summer on a plate! Blessings and hugs!

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