Fading roses from my last tablescape

My last tablescape centerpiece was roses and peonies from Trader Joe’s.  The roses and peonies are fading so I am once again trying to salvage a small arrangement for the bathroom.  This tray was on my counter and I began to set aside those stems that I could use.  They looked so beautiful on this tray so I went for the camera.  I hope you might enjoy these too.IMG_0052


It all started with this single rose and tray…..


I added more….


I see some faded leaves…but still beautiful.


This bag was nearby so I decided to expand on this idea.  I love brown with this color of pink…..


Blooms falling on the floor as I try to arrange them in this bag…..


Thank you for indulging me today…just couldn’t quite give them up yet.IMG_1639.JPG

This is what started the whole thing…one single beautiful rose.   Capturing moments of beauty in simple things is really a big part of my life.  It helps me enjoy moments instead of racing to the next item on my endless list of things to do.

Thank you for your visit today. Dianne 

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