Joy of Garden and Bird Friends

Bob and I spent our early morning hours on the porch this morning watching the birds and sipping our coffee. He actually said ‘come see what I am looking at.’  I have tried to capture some of the joy we receive from our backyard.  I am joining Everyday Living for today’s Garden Party.  I enjoyed all of your posts last time.


Look at this rose against the backdrop of this old oak.  Blooming again!



I am really enjoying this weathered fence.


I was so impressed with Pam’s grass that I planted four bunches of this.  I also planted four more sedum (Bob did it).  I am hopeful that the grass will make a great background for the sedum and zinnias in a few weeks.


You would not believe the beautiful nest the birds built in this blue box.



My hydrangea is blooming finally..


Just pure joy…the passion flower from Jerry’s Place.  My joy for flowers and gardening has rendered new friends.  We can talk endlessly about this love we have…..


Here they come…we bought this feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited.  It was pricey but there is extra room for their perch.  They just flock to it.


Must be really hungry….



Yellow warbler-


Doves are everywhere.  They are quite beautiful.  Bob does an amazing job with the feeders and keeping all of them happy.  He is the sweetest man.  He got stung six times by hornets while putting more feed in their feeders this morning.  The hornets had built them a nice nest in the tree that we knew nothing about.  All is well now.



The robin builds the most amazing nest of mud and twigs.  When I see a robin, I always think of the robin in The Secret Garden, one of my favorite books.




What do you think the cardinal is saying?


This metal garden arbor is new to my garden.  The color fades into the background but the design has a Cinderella effect at the top and there was one spot in my garden begging for something tall and beautiful.  This fit the bill perfectly.  I have a lot of other statuary so this unassuming piece fits perfectly.



Just love the green foliage against this weathered board.  Want to find enough of this to build me an outdoor table.IMG_0026.JPG

He is always sleeping…



Thanks for joining us for coffee. Thank you Pam for hosting another party. Dianne

4 thoughts on “Joy of Garden and Bird Friends

  1. Dianne, thanks so much for sharing at Gardens Galore! I certainly enjoyed having coffee with you in your gorgeous garden! The Rose against the bark of the oak makes for a beautiful photo. The metal garden arbor is a perfect addition to your garden. You all are keeping your feathered friends happy and your photos are just so pretty! Blessings! I will try and help you get a picture to load to your link for the next party. There is still so much that I am learning!

  2. Thank you for your kind understanding. I so enjoy reading everyone’s post and enjoying the beautiful gardens and ideas. Blessings. Dianne

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