Joy of Botanical Beauty

Let your Joy burst forth like flowers in the spring.

In my tablescape today, I am showcasing one of my creations after a trip to Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s had roses for $4.99/dozen.  The selection of in-season varieties seemed nearly endless.  It was a difficult choice but then my eye caught these.

I am also taking my inspiration today from the gifted Carol Ross, photographer, artist, publisher….



This picture is in my dining room…my favorite piece of art.  It speaks of children, books, animals…things dear to my heart.


“The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives”. – Russell M. Nelson


Carol Ross talks about delicate things and capturing moments…these are times we feel we can dream of a world where there is no more sadness.  The sadness of losing my precious Mother really started me on this new Journey of gardening, photography, writing and sharing it.  God gave me a new gift and I want to use it For His Glory.





Carol Ross began gardening around 30.  Her gardens grew and grew and she began to photograph her beautiful gardens.  She says she loves colors that celebrate life’s sweetness. It was the temporary nature of her roses, tulips and peonies that was so inspiring that photography became a natural extension of the moment. Her romantic vintage style is unabashedly beautiful.

IMG_0052.JPG        Now back to my creation…I started with a cascade of greenery including eucalyptus and a little ivy from my garden.  I chose this romantic pink that goes with the peonies.  Hopefully, I have been able to capture the colors.



This crystal vase is so beautiful for this type of arrangement.



I have had this china about 40 years.  Elegant and happy together are the whites and pink.  



I just keep adding candles to the table…makes dinner time more special.


Pure delight…extravagant but simple…roses have been a favorite flower through the ages.


Mother would love this.  Really reminds me of all the flowers she so lovingly shared with me.  She and Dad would fill the back seat of the car with home grown vegetables…green beans, corn, squash, many varieties of tomatoes and most importantly those well wrapped, overflowing bouquets of flowers from her garden that she carried by hand.  And the aroma of these flowers from her garden…..

IMG_1499.JPG     Mother and Dad had their 50th anniversary meal on this china and crystal which I hosted at my home.  Memorable and joyful moments of the past.




This last picture is from my greeting card collection by Carol Ross.  I have been inspired greatly by the artistry of Carol Ross.  I have bought many of her greeting cards.  It is amazing how many people inspire us with their work.   There is a unique beauty and truthfulness to her art.  Flowers hang from the bough gracefully but with simplicity….and the vintage hats, bicycles, cars, watering cans..the list goes on and on.  Thank you for your amazing work. 

Thank you friends for your visit.  Dianne

2 thoughts on “Joy of Botanical Beauty

  1. Wonderful beauty in this selection of romance pink, linen table linens, very elegant china, gold flatware and candle light to complete the atmosphere. Yes and your favorite print. And yes the memory of your Mother and Dad gifting you with fresh vegetables and beautiful bouquets from her flower garden. Memories of these happy and appreciative times are always with us. I am thinking JOY is found in the Process of Love and Giving.

  2. Yes, my wonderful friend, it is definitely in the Process of Love and Giving that we find real Joy. There is always so much wisdom in your words about profound things and every day matters. God has blessed me with your friendship. Dianne

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