Joy of Red, White and Blue

The 4th of July is here.  We raise our flags.  We praise God for living in this country of the red, white and blue.

Got this sweet card from my friend Patsy yesterday…and this is just the envelope.  Look at his stars and stripes and the cherry red.  Yes, red, white and blue and love from my friend.



Just melts my heart.  Look at his feather pen.  Reminds me that our forefathers used feathers and inkwells. Quill pens were the writing instrument from 600-1800 AD.   Thank you for indulging my rabbit love and my friend love.  There are some people who make such an impact on our lives that we are forever changed.  We can’t even believe such people exist but they do.

Fifty six men laid down their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to sign this Declaration.

Now to my not so successful but fun try at a July 4th drink concoction (a mixture, brew or potion).  I got very adventuresome and decided to make Bob and me a refreshing drink for the 4th.  Here goes……


This is water, cucumber, strawberry and organic basil leaves. Just add ice.  Looks so pretty and refreshing in my old pitcher.  




Poured this up in these pretty flutes but my sweet husband did not like it so much.  Next time it will be lemonade or sweet tea with a lemon twist. I love it…the smell of cucumber and basil and with the strawberries.  It is vert tasty to me.  I guess I will be very hydrated this day having to drink this all by myself.


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


More rabbit love for the 4TH….fireworks and all!  Bob gave these two boys to me for my birthday.  They are from BB Barnes and they have been on many adventures with me.



These little simple items that remind me of how blessed I am.


Always a great view from my porch.



Another day of joy in simple pleasures.  Bob and I are going to the Kecks for a neighborhood celebration to include fireworks. Most of my neighbors have their flags waving. It is a beautiful sight.  Happy 4th of July.  Dianne



2 thoughts on “Joy of Red, White and Blue

  1. How I enjoyed your beautiful post! The water looks so refreshing with the cucumbers, strawberries and basil! My husband wouldn’t drink it, but I certainly would. What a gorgeous view from your porch! Happy Thursday!

  2. Pam, thank you for taking time to encourage a new blogger. Looking forward to Garden Party.

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