Joy of French Country

Decorating with Roosters-French Country Style

French Country decorating is inspired by sunny rural France.   I have a small collection of roosters.  Sometimes I use the pale, romantic shades and other times the warmer colors of red and yellow.

One of the  twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster, is the symbol of honesty as well as physical and moral fortitude.


My dear friend, Eleanor Logan, gave me this fine looking rooster about 10 years ago.    He has a special place in my heart and in my kitchen.  Bob named him Attila.


I moved this mirror from my Red Room.  I love it so much in this location.  I expect it will remain here the rest of the year.  I have lots of ideas for it.



Attila has friends and I will be sharing them later.


This is a wreath I made years ago..added the burlap and it seems to work here.




These white dishes and pale accessories look so good with Attila.  


A basket of eggs seems spot on where there are roosters and such.



I am a country girl with a lot of French taste.  I grew up in the country so my roots are firmly embedded in the values and the love this sweet country home provided to me.  Thank you for your visit.  Dianne


2 thoughts on “Joy of French Country

  1. Love, Love, Love your natural Tablescape ! Especially the view looking out on the (back porch) deck. (#6 pic) Girls growing up in the country always had a back porch….so it will always be just that. Your mirror from the Red Room has found a new home for certain. So perfect ! I think Attila and friends enjoy seeing themselves prance gracefully in front of it. Lots of delicious omelets made from gathering eggs. Again, thanks for the Journey of Joy……..Country French style.

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