Joy of Quiet Retreats

Forget the day’s troubles, remember the day’s blessings….

Happy Saturday Friends!  Don’t we just love the sweet days of summer and our quiet little retreats.  These quiet retreats at the end of the day give us a chance to contemplate our many blessings.


Beneath the roses   …fragrant with the sweet perfume of flowers.  


One of my favorite color schemes is pristine white with peony pink.  


This is a very old and heavy lantern. Came out of the attic for a new debut.  It has a new paint job and has a place in our garden.


I made a burlap bow and added some faux flowers to match our garden roses.  Gives this old lantern a new look…all dressed up!


Beneath the roses…I see a few deadheads but I am sitting with my knee elevated so my garden will have to forgive me…



Oh, the joy of a pristine look! Bob just filled up the bird feeders yesterday.  We have some well fed birds.


Just old fashioned simplicity…


Looks like the rose is on the glass but not….



A good spot to write in this book…..



A June evening with Bob and me at 62 Ledgestone…remembering the day’s blessings and taking time to savor the simple Joys of summer.  Blessings, Dianne

4 thoughts on “Joy of Quiet Retreats

  1. BLESSINGS………abound ! Just look around……..just Think ! We will see and know. Love, Love your vintage latern. Very unique ! And don’t we know it is so happy to have been so special that it is rejoicing ” I’m Alive Again” ! Take extra care of this knee that is screaming for “time out.”

  2. Romance is in the air in this gorgeous and peaceful setting. The lantern is so perfect with its burlap bow …looks like the ideal place to count blessings! Thank you so much for sharing your place of beauty at Gardens Galore!

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