Joy of Clay

Having you for a grandson has been one of the greatest gifts life has given me; for all you’ve been, for all you are, and for all you’re yet to be.  Happy 17th Birthday!

This is another special edition of my blog and May 26 is a special day.  My grandson, Clay, turns 17 today.  It just seems impossible.  He came into my life eleven years ago when I married Bob.  Clay is one handsome and talented young man.


Clay lives in Columbia, S.C.  He is tall like his Papa and wears a size 13 shoe.  Clay, I’ve loved watching you grow and I have loved you more than you can know.


Clay is a technology whiz.  He goes to school on line.  He has a rigorous curriculum that keeps him busy.  Clay, I am so glad you are reaching summer break and I want you to spend a lot of time with us this summer.


Clay loves Pokemon and is known as the “Mayor of Firefly” where he is a champion player.   He does this almost every Saturday.  He is quick to help new and younger players…that’s why he achieved the recognition of Mayor.   Way to go Clay!  I am proud of you for being so kind and generous to new people, just one of your outstanding characteristics.


I believe Clay was about six in this picture.  We gave him a red bicycle on his sixth birthday.  I have great memories of that special day!  You were absolutely the cutest boy!  Seventeen…wow!


To my great JOY, Clay called one day and said he wanted to call me Oma also.  It is hard to describe a moment like that.  Thank you Clay…this was a gift of the heart that I cannot put a value on.


Clay was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and one of his dreams is to visit Phoenix some day.

 I expect that you are going to do some spectacular things in the world of technology.  I can’t even imagine the places you will go and the things you will do.  Keep your dreams alive.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for believing in me and my blog.  It meant so much when you said “Oma has a blog.”  I felt I had arrived.  

Happy 17th Birthday Clay.  I love you.  Oma